Catte HI88 – How to Play and Tips to Conquer the Game Effectively

Catte HI88 is a familiar game and is very “hot” today. However, to be able to conquer the Game and receive great rewards from the house is not simple at all. The “new screening” brothers, please learn and apply a few of the following shared tips to confidently bet where you will win.

Basic information about Game Catte HI88

This card game originated in India. Very quickly, it quickly spread throughout the world’s casinos and was loved on online platforms, including Nhà cái Hi88.

Basic information about Game Catte HI88

What is a Catte?

Catte also uses a 52-card deck as a tool. Each game only needs a minimum of 2 participants to be able to start, but priority from 5 members is best.

All Bet players will go through 6 rounds, each turn using 1 piece to be divided and played in a circle. Players are allowed to face up or face down. Note, the card that comes out will have to be of the same suit, larger than the previous member’s piece that has been played.

Winning this round, bettors will have priority to head the next round. If he loses 4 rounds in a row, he will be eliminated and cannot participate in the last 2 rounds.

Some terms when playing Catte HI88

Before placing bets, you need to understand the terms commonly used in the game so as not to get confused:

  • Card: The term for the card that is placed face down on the table in the first 4 rounds, usually a card of great value.
  • Survive: That is the piece that is played by the last person in each round.
  • Death: In case the player loses the first 4 rounds, having to face all 4 cards will be called dead.
  • Victory: Contrasting, winning is a term for a strong card that is played and causes the rest of the players to lose in that round.
  • White win: When the Bet player owns a strong card, he can win right from the moment he is dealt. The case of white wins occurs when there are 6 cards of the same suit, containing four quarters or 5/6 pieces less than 6.
  • Chapter: Term for the piece played on the 5th turn.

How to play Catte HI88 Simplest, easiest to understand

A game of Catte will go through 6 rounds, divided into 2 stages. In each turn, there will be specific rules that bettors need to know:

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How to play Catte HI88 Simplest, easiest to understand

How to play Catte in the first 4 rounds

Start of the first betting round of Catte HI88, you will choose a card to play down. Next, the second person has the right to choose one of two decisions:

Place a card face down in case there are no cards to follow.

Hit a piece of the same suit and higher value than the previous player.

Like this, the game is done in turn. Whoever plays with the highest value will keep that piece.

When everyone has played or laid down 4 rounds, the game is over. Out of all the participants, there is only one person standing, that is the winner. Of course, whoever does not keep a card after all 4 rounds of betting will be counted as a loser and eliminated from the game.

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How to play Catte HI88 Last 2 rounds

After the first 4 rounds, if there are at least 2 people remaining, the game will move to the last 2 rounds of 5 and 6. At turn 5, whoever wins in turn 4 will have the right to display the first card.

This player will have to play 1 piece, hiding the other piece so that the opponent can’t see it. At this point, the other members of the team will have 2 options:

  • Beat the leaves of the same quality, larger than the leaves. At this time, you will be taking over the ownership of the previous player.
  • Face down a card in case it is guessed that the face-down card is not of the same suit, or of the same suit, but is smaller than the other person’s card.

Through 6 such rounds, everyone will turn over their last card. Whoever holds the card with the highest value wins the game.

Revealing the experience of playing Catte HI88 the most effective

Basically, the rules of this game are not difficult, it is a bit complicated because it goes through many rounds only. However, to be able to win the final victory is not easy, you should build your own playing strategy:knLCUgtYD7pSMjorKrEDy19XfaqZRx4tgC11 8ffWADmytKtByIqStD5cDh1xd0fu2XGL qKmwAeSBelVQHF68oGwlaWLlhHo3znSRe3Lgco3jGjltGhtrhDLOrMFHVFT8WLYrpRwVZdSMscqFT 8fU


  • Remember cards, guess good cards: It is necessary to observe and memorize quickly the pieces other people have played to have a reasonable calculation.
  • Keep cards to show wisely: In case you are holding spare parts in your hand, you do not need to follow, unless you want to win the right to display cards, defeat your opponent quickly. In the 5th round, there are cards left, giving priority to a larger card that can make a card of a different suit so that the opponent can’t block it.

Above is a summary of information about the game Catte HI88 being loved by many people. Go to the betting table, observe how others play a few games, you will understand the rules of the game as well as how it works to confidently experience money and win.

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