Unbeatable Blackjack Tips Revealed From Master

Play blackjack always win is shared from the experience handbook of the masters in the profession. The information about the secret to playing this classic card game will be shared and revealed by Nhà cái Hi88 in detail in the article below. Do not miss these useful betting knowledge!

Understand the rules of blackjack

Before coming to the information about the secret play blackjack, we need to understand the rules of this card game. Knowing the rules of the game will improve the chances of winning, avoiding losing bets when betting against the house’s rules. The blackjack table requires at least 2 players and a maximum of 4 players.

Understand the rules of blackjack

Dealer (representative of the dealer) will be the one to deal, each player is dealt 2 cards. Depending on the total score of the first 2 cards to decide whether to draw the next card or not. The player’s total of cards that is higher and closer to 21 wins. However, care should be taken when play blackjack If the total score exceeds 21 points, it will be counted as a loser.

About how to calculate points in blackjack is as follows:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 will correspond to their value.
  • J-Q-K cards, all count as 1 point.
  • Aces are converted to 1-10-11 points depending on the rules of each house.

The secret to always winning blackjack

Don’t let bettors wait too long, soon we will explore the experience handbook together play blackjack shared from the veteran players in the profession.

When to stop, don’t draw the next card

The goal of the blackjack game is to get as close to 21 as possible. If in case the total score of the cards in the hand is already at the threshold of 18 points or more, the advice for you is to stop, not draw the next card to preserve the score. Because drawing more cards is very dangerous, it will most likely cause the total to exceed 21 and be counted as a loser.

Screenshot 2

The secret to always winning blackjack

In case the sum of your first 2 cards is 15 points, we should choose the house of the house to perform the review. Of course, this score is not a safe score, but the chances of winning are not low.

Capture the opponent’s mentality when playing blackjack

Not only with the blackjack game, but when sitting at the online betting table, capturing the opponent’s psychology is an extremely important factor. Being good at “acting” in front of other children after scowling will help you fool your opponents.

Besides, when play blackjack, we also need to observe to know which house is deliberately “playing tricks” and which house is really holding high-scoring cards.From there, we will analyze the situation and choose to consider the cards. , flip the cards, improve the winning rate.

Remember the exact number of cards drawn by the house

Remembering the number of cards drawn from other houses is important in the secret play blackjack. If the more cards are drawn, the higher the total score of that house, the greater the probability of being “kick”. You should prioritize the selection of the cards of the houses with more than 3 cards. 2 cards, the possibility of their score will be higher, we will choose the final consideration.

Consider when to draw cards

Play blackjack, when should draw the next card? In case the first 2 cards are less than 15 points, you should choose to draw the next card to find opportunities to increase your score. However, the probability of being “scratched” is completely possible.Score 16 or 17 is not a safe score, observe the actions of other houses to make a decision whether to withdraw more or not.

Screenshot 3


Always secure your finances

Stepping down to the casino, “keeping yourself” is something that all bettors need to keep in mind.Play blackjack If we lose 50% of our capital, we should stop playing and wait for a lucky opportunity on another occasion. In case of 50% profit, you should also stop to preserve your victory.fallenterscene “canopyfamilyloseproduct”.


Here are some tips and tricks play blackjack Always winning is shared from the players of the Thể Thao Hi88. If you want to conquer and experience this super attractive betting game, quickly register an account to become a Hi88 player today! Wish you all success and win super huge bonuses at this top nine green redemption playground in 2023.

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