3 Easy Ways to Unlock All Champions in League of Legends

Among all the MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) released throughout history, LoL has reigned supreme for years on end. Thousands of players log in every day to play as their favorite champion and rise through the ranks. But the game has a catch–not all characters are accessible from the get-go. This makes it especially difficult for new players, who must spend all their time just to be able to unlock them. Fortunately, this article is here to put you on your way! Here are 3 easy ways to unlock all champions in League of Legends fast.

How to Unlock All Champions in League of Legends with 3 Easy Methods

For newbies, having to unlock all the available champions is one of their biggest headaches. Currently, there are 166 different champions in the game. That is quite a lot to ask of anyone! But there are a couple of quick ways to speed up those locks. You can also check here if you want other League-related items and cosmetics.

With that said, here are 3 easy ways to unlock all the characters in League:

Method 1: Using Blue Essence

In LoL, blue essence is a type of currency that can be obtained by doing all kinds of activities within the game. Players are rewarded with blue essence for completing daily missions, leveling up champions, getting their first win of the day, etc. Blue essence can then be used to unlock new champions. But the price ranges from 1360 to 6300 blue essence per new unlock. Therefore, while it is easy to come by blue essence in the game, it can still take a lot of time to unlock every available character in LoL.

Method 2: Buy League of Legends Account

Arguably, the easiest method of getting all the characters in the game is to purchase verified League of Legends Accounts from a reputable site. This means players no longer need to spend hours playing the game just so they can play with their favorite champion. It’s fast, it works and doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Moreover, this is also a cheaper option than buying Riot Points (the game’s premium currency) to buy characters, as that can add up to hundreds of dollars. Choosing a reliable platform like U7BUY ensures that you receive a verified League of Legends account for sale with the utmost security.

Method 3: Linking Your Xbox Game Pass Account

If you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass and also play League of Legends, there is a very interesting way to unlock all the champions. By linking the Xbox profile to a Riot account, players can get access to all future and existing champions in LoL. But there is a catch! While it is true that players will have access to every playable character in the game, they are not officially owned by the user. That means players cannot use cosmetics or skins on their newly acquired characters.

Final Thoughts

Riot’s League of Legends is one of the premier MOBAs in all of gaming. For many, however, unlocking all the different characters in this game is a time-consuming hassle. Hopefully, this post has taught you a few tricks to do away with the headache. Now, it’s time you start playing with your favorite champions and dominate the match! Happy gaming!

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