Planning a College Dorm Party

Throwing a college dorm party is no small feat. Not only must you buy all of the party supplies you’ll need, but you’ll also have to choose a theme and figure out the entertainment. You’ll also have to make sure the dorm room is clean – college students hate dirty rooms! You should also plan all of the details in advance, so you don’t run into last-minute problems.

Before you start planning, you’ll need to make a list of guests. This will help you gauge the general mood of the party. If you have a party full of immature students, chances are it won’t go over well. Make sure that everyone knows how to behave at college parties, so you don’t have to worry about having a fight. Remember that the main purpose of the party is to have fun.

Before you start planning a dorm party, check with your RA. While some RAs don’t mind college dorm parties, others don’t allow alcohol. Check with your RA about their policies and ask permission to throw a college dorm party. In general, a college dorm party should be no louder than 15 people. For a small dorm room party, less than 10 guests is fine.

College dorm parties can be very memorable if you plan well. Guests can relive the fun and memories from a college dorm party for years to come. Be sure to include your friends and have a fun theme! You may even want to make a collage of photos of all of your guests. It will make for a great memento later. The important thing is to have a great time, but make sure you have a little extra planning beforehand.

If you’re looking for easy party games, try a beer cups game. This game is popular and simple to play. Simply divide the room into teams and pour your drinks into cups. After that, line them up along the table. Then, flip the cups one by one. The team that finishes first wins. A great way to spend a college dorm party is to play games with friends. If you’re worried about getting drunk, you can always download a tutorial from YouTube and learn how to play the game in a few minutes.

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