What is spur cockfighting? Where should I play spur cockfighting?

Cockfighting with iron spurs is one of the forms of cockfighting that many players are interested in, especially beginners. To participate in watching and betting cockfighting with iron spurs, you need to master the basic knowledge about them. The following article will clarify the concept cockfighting with iron spurs and introduce you to a reputable address to participate in betting. Let’s follow along.
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What is spur cockfighting?

Cockfighting with iron spurs is one of the forms of cockfighting that many players are most interested in today. The fighting cocks will be equipped with “iron spurs” on their legs. This sharp weapon helps the rooster knock out the opponent in just “a single note”.

Iron spur cockfighting is often divided into two types: knife spur cockfighting and round spur cockfighting. Knife spurs are spurs shaped like small knives, causing many losing cocks to have their wings broken or even destroyed. That’s enough to understand how powerful this weapon is. Meanwhile, round spurs are small cylindrical iron spurs used to stab parts of the opponent’s body.

A cockfighting match usually takes place very quickly, only taking about 3-5 minutes to end. Thus, the cocks can save time to participate in more matches. Because they are equipped with powerful weapons, iron spur cockfights are often very dramatic and attractive, making the cockfighters feel a hundred times more excited than traditional cockfights.

Where should I play spur cockfighting?

Betting cockfighting with iron spurs not yet recognized in Vietnam. Therefore, the brothers participating in spontaneous cockfighting courts are always in a state of anxiety and fear, making the game significantly less fun. Some other people go to cockfighting arenas in Cambodia and the Philippines to satisfy their passion. However, this method is too expensive and takes a lot of time. Grasping its demand, bookmaker New88 has launched an online cockfighting betting game.
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Reasons to bet on cockfighting with iron spurs at New88

Cost savings

The biggest advantage of online cockfighting compared to traditional cockfighting is that it saves a lot of costs. Players can watch cockfighting online for free with just a phone with an internet connection.

The first advantage of watching cockfighting online is cost savings. You don’t have to spend a penny to watch cockfighting online. All you need is a device with an internet connection to watch cockfighting for free. Players can watch every tournament live streamed by New88 from major cockfighting arenas around the world and place bets whenever they want.

In addition, every corner of the match is recorded by cameras and conveyed to players with the sharpest, most realistic images. Players will not miss any important moments, unlike when having to jostle among the crowd at traditional cockfighting arenas.

Information security

Spontaneous cockfighting courts in Vietnam always pose countless legal risks. That’s why more and more people come to online cockfighting at New88. This bookmaker has been recognized by GEO TRUST as the safest website, so players can feel completely secure about all personal information and transactions they make. New88 ensures that no one can access your information and find you.

Instructions for playing cockfighting with iron spurs at New88

To participate in betting cockfighting with iron spurs At New88, you just need to go through these very simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Player enters new88 and access the appropriate connection to access the New88 homepage fastest. Or you can download the New88 application to your phone according to the instructions here.

Step 2: Register an account at the house with real information and the owner’s bank account.

Step 3: Deposit money into your account to play cockfighting with iron spurs.

Step 4: Go to the “cockfighting” section on the home page to start betting on the cocks you love and trust.


Above is an article that provides basic information about cockfighting with iron spurs and how to play cockfighting with iron spurs in New88 cockfighting. Register an account today to not miss world-class cockfighting matches and receive attractive bonuses. Good luck.

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