Summary of the top 79King promotion for players

Programme 79Kings promotion is one of the categories that many bettors are interested in. With the appearance of many valuable rewards, the 79King promotion is definitely a golden opportunity to help players increase their income. Here is a summary of the unique promotions that this bookie is offering!

Important note when participating in 79King promotion

To receive attractive promotions from 79King, players need to note some important things. Here are the things players need to pay attention to:

Important note when participating in 79King promotion

Update information and terms on 79King

This bookmaker system regularly updates the promotion program. Players should follow the announcement to not miss the outstanding offers. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully read and understand the terms applicable when participating in the award.

Calculate points by percentage offer

Point calculation and reward percentage in the incentive store may vary. Players should learn in advance so as not to bet too big without receiving the corresponding bonus.

Individual promotions for each game title

Each game on 79King has its own promotions. Players should monitor and take advantage of opportunities to experience new games and increase personal income.

No cheating

Each player can only receive 79King promotion once for each account and personal information. The use of fraudulent acts will limit the reward policy. Opening multiple accounts to take advantage of will be handled according to the house’s regulations.

Exclusive 79king promotion for new players to join

Newbies over 79King will enjoy exclusive offers through special promotions. Upon completing the registration process and opening a new account on this platform, players will immediately receive attractive gifts from the game portal.

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Exclusive 79king promotion for new players to join

Notably, the bonus is extremely attractive, worth up to VND 100,000,000 when players fully meet the conditions to receive the 79King promotion. In addition, new players will also have the opportunity to participate in many attractive programs when they first deposit money into their account:

  • With a minimum deposit of 100,000 VND, players will receive a gift of 35% of the deposit amount, up to a maximum of 88,888 VND, with a minimum bet.
  • Players will receive 55% discount for the first deposit from 500,000 VND, with the maximum bonus up to 188,888 VND. In addition, when depositing from VND 30,000,000, players will receive an additional 5% of the cashback value.
  • Programme Khuyến mãi 79King It also supports unlimited rewards when depositing from VND 100,000,000 or more.
  • At the same time, players also receive 50,000 VND when participating in betting at least one game on the platform.

Besides, now this homepage also periodically offers many valuable rewards in monthly and quarterly promotions.

79king promotion for 2nd deposit

Hurry up to join the promotion of 79King on the second deposit to receive special offers immediately. The house not only gives gifts on the first deposit, but also continues to offer the opportunity to increase the balance in the player’s account. This is a regularly maintained promotion on the 79King platform.

Each 79King promotion period will offer many attractive rewards, and information about the offer will be published on the website. Members can easily track promotional information.

In order not to miss the opportunity, players should update their information on the system to register to participate in ongoing promotions. Also, make sure that you have met all the conditions to receive the bonus.

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79king promotion for 2nd deposit

Exclusive 79King promotion for VIP members

After becoming an official member on the home page, you will have the opportunity to participate in exclusive promotions. 79King incentive programs bring attractive rewards.

In order to appreciate the support from the player community, the game portal has researched and launched many exclusive incentive programs. These are highly rated promotions and are hard to find at any other bookie:

  • Cashback insurance program, even if the player loses the bet, with a value of up to VND 188,888,888.
  • Lucky spin with many unique rewards, offering a chance to win up to VND 20,000,000.
  • Link your Zalo account to immediately receive a free 79King promotion at special redemption games.
  • Sports betting with preferential rain up to 18,888,888 VND.
  • In particular, this homepage offers an exclusive secret gift program for system members, with a bonus of up to VND 88,888,000.
  • Each betting game here has its own incentive limit, creating excitement for players.

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Exclusive 79King promotion for VIP members


Summary of the program 79Kings promotion The peak for bettors is a good news not to be missed. With extremely attractive and rich incentives, players will enjoy great entertainment experiences and at the same time have the opportunity to increase their personal income. Take advantage of these offers and join this game portal to experience the fun and attractive rewards not to be missed.

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