Supermarket 23 Cuba Reviews

If you are in Cuba and want to buy groceries online, you might want to check out Supermarket23. This online grocery store offers a large variety of products, including many of the same items you would find in a local grocery store. You can purchase food and other items for your home, or you can order a special combo for your trip. Supermarket23 ships to any Cuban municipio. It also offers customer service 24 hours a day.

The online store carries over a thousand items and accepts MasterCard, Visa, and foreign currency. You can also get a delivery at a later date, which makes it convenient for travelers. Unlike state-run stores, the website is not accessible to everyone, but those with purchasing power are likely to buy items from it. While you can purchase basic items in state-run supermarkets in Cuba, Supermarket23 is a better option for tourists.

The company is owned by several state companies, including Alcona, the Cuban equivalent of Amazon. The company’s vans carry state-issued license plates, and pictures show the Amazon logo on their white vehicles. Other state companies have acknowledged their relationship with Supermarket23, including Empresa de Acopio Cienfuegos, which distributes agricultural products. The company also produces personal hygiene products. If you are interested in knowing more about Supermarket23 and its operations, read on.

When sending goods to Cuba, you should consider using the SuperMarket23 web interface. This web interface is similar to Correos of Cuba. It lets you easily send goods to Cuba and provides a wide selection of products. While sometimes prices are slightly higher than in Cuban markets, you can still enjoy the convenience of shopping online. There are a few advantages to using this site, though. You can save a lot of time by not going to the store in person and you’ll be able to choose what you want to buy.

Whether you are in Cuba or just want to buy groceries for yourself, SuperMarket 23 has the perfect solution. You can shop from your home or office, and you can even have your items shipped directly to Cuba. You just need to choose the delivery method that works for you. You can even select expedited shipping if you want to save on shipping costs. The store accepts orders up to a certain capacity, so make sure you order in plenty of time before the store closes.

The Supermarket23 website accepts credit cards, and is safe to use. Besides accepting credit cards, the site guarantees 100% security when making online purchases. The company analyzes every transaction for authenticity. They also deliver food in Cuba within three to five days. You can also choose to have your items delivered in 10 to 21 days. The delivery time depends on your location, so if you need something urgently, you should consider using Supermarket23.

While the supermarket has become increasingly popular, many consumers are still wary of eating fried food in the store. The company’s website is a useful tool to compare prices and product quality. For example, one package of beef from Alcona costs about US$ 33. The company’s website even lists which suppliers are affiliated with the Flora y Fauna. The cost of a four-pound package of Alcona beef is US$33 versus the same quality from Empresa Pecuaria Genetica Turiguano. The supermarket has also become a sales platform for state companies and private businesses, and other international organizations.

The supermarket is owned by Treew, a company known for trading in Cuban products. The company’s workers are all Cuban, and some have connections with the government elite. A manager at the supermarket is Luis Mazorra, son of a diplomat. Two of its principal officers have close ties to Alcona. Hence, the company’s management team is full of highly connected individuals. It is also unclear whether Treew is an extension of Alcona or a separate entity.

If you don’t want to speak a language other than cuban, consider ordering online. Some stores will ship to cuba, but you won’t have to wait in line. The best part about supermarket 23 Cuba is that it’s always open. If you’re not sure, you can always order books online and save a bit of money. The main international channels don’t speak cuban. However, if you’re interested in reading a book in English, you can do so from your home.

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