Take a look at the HOT JUN88 promotions and take note when receiving them

With the motto of always listening and putting the interests of the players first, the bookie has launched preferential events to help members optimize their capital. The following article will update you with the latest JUN88 promotions, players can comfortably bet without worrying about costs.

1. Attractive and outstanding JUN88 promotion

JUN88 has provided bettors with a true entertainment “paradise”. With the desire to help bettors fight hard without worrying too much about finances. To do this, the bookie has launched a series of preferential events, helping gamers’ betting passion burn more than ever. The latest JUN88 promotions at JUN88 include:

Online Entertainment

1.1Promotion on products Exploding Hat – Shooting Fish – Card Game

When participating in super hot games like Exploding Hu – Shooting Fish – JUN88 Card Game, you will be surprised by a series of generous offers:

Promotion Jun88 Exploding Hat – Shooting Fish gives 100% deposit every day: All members when participating in betting on products Shooting fish, Exploding jars can receive a bonus of 100% deposit every day. The event will start on May 3, 2023. Each player can only register for the promotion once and choose only 1 Exploding jar/Fishing fish product to register.

Promotion JUN88 game shooting fish, exploding jars to attract players

To register for this event, you need to go to the wallet transfer section, then select the promotion code. Next, the prime bettor enters the preferential registration amount. According to the rules, after the bettor wins 3 times, the balance can be transferred to the main wallet.

Exploding the Hat – Shooting Fish – Game Bonus when winning, insurance when losing: The program will take place from 22/2/2023 until the official announcement. Gamers when participating in Exploding jars, Shooting fish, Card games have a total daily winnings of 300 points. JUN88 hot rewards up to 10,000,000 VND.

For this offer, whether a bettor wins or loses, there is a chance to receive valid promotions and bonuses every day, every week. The promotion is going on very excitingly. You should choose the option to have the opportunity to receive attractive prizes.

1.2 Lottery Promotion

Hot bonus Lottery 5,888,000 VND per day: The program will take place from April 1, 2023 until the notice ends. Players who bet on Lottery products with a total valid bet of the day from 2000 points will be hotly rewarded by JUN88 with an amount of up to VND 5,888,000.

That Stirs The World Of Online Entertainment

Promotion JUN88 Lottery super hot

The system will automatically distribute rewards before 3pm based on Vietnam time zone. When participating, members will log in to their accounts and click “Red envelopes” and “Receive” to receive rewards. The reward will only be available within 24 hours from the time the red envelope is distributed. After 24 hours, the value will expire. If the bettor does not participate in receiving the offer, it will be considered overdue.

1.3Sports Promotion

Bonus 10% of the deposit value each sports product: The event starts from April 1, 2023. Just make a daily deposit and you will get 10% 1 time daily reload bonus for sports games up to 588,000 VND.

Bonus when winning, insurance when losing: The program will take place from April 1, 2023 until the official announcement. Each player participating in a sports game with a total daily winnings of 1000 points JUN88 receives a hot bonus of up to 1,500,000 VND.

2.How to receive promotion JUN88

JUN88 promotions are designed by the house to ensure the opportunity to receive rewards for all members. The way to receive the offer is very simple. The operation proceeds according to the following specific steps:

Step 1: Gamers proceed to access the official Web: of JUN88. Next, you will proceed to log in to your betting account ⇒ Select the “Promotions” section.

Step 2: Choose the right promotion to participate in ⇒ Read carefully the content and conditions of JUN88’s promotional event before choosing.

Step 3: Receive a promotional bonus after completing all betting rounds at the house. Members directly contact the betting site’s consulting department for support.

3.Note when receiving promotions from JUN88

Promotion JUN88 is very diverse with many attractive programs for bettors to participate freely. In order to receive the offer, you need to pay attention to some of the following details:

The World Of Online Entertainment

Important note when receiving promotion JUN88

Players must have an official account at the house to be able to participate in the promotion. If fraud occurs, abuse of the house offer will forfeit all previous bonuses and winnings.

Before receiving the bet bonus, the player must make a bet, the bet must be valid.

All promotions at JUN88 are calculated in VND.

The bookie reserves the right to amend, supplement or terminate these promotional events without prior notice.

The promotion program JUN88 is extremely attractive, diverse in all forms for players to experience. Depending on the event, JUN88 will require players to comply with different conditions. These promotions are sure to bring a great experience to every bettor.

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