Variants of Blackjack Online 

You wouldn’t think that a simple game of 21 would have so many variants to it. However, this is typical of gambling games at sites like King Casino. There are so many variants of games like Blackjack, because gambling games have a long history and what history tells us is that from the origins of a game to the present day, these games have constantly evolved and are usually affected by various influencers during their history. 

Blackjack: A Brief History 

Blackjack actually originates from France and here the game was commonly known as Vingt-eh-un. The actual precise history of Blackjack is very hard to pin down, but it is thought that the French casino circuit of the 1700s actually did give birth to this simple but effective card game. Some even think that there is enough evidence to link the concept of Blackjack to the Romans, who played a similar game using wooden blocks with numbers on them. 

When the game of Blackjack travelled the globe, it underwent changes. French colonists introduced the game to America in the 18th century and the popularity of this game ensured that it spread right across this vast country. It was even present in gambling establishments in the deep south and there is evidence that the game was played in New Orleans in the 1800s. At this point the game differed to the Blackjack that is played today and only the dealer could double. 

Modern Day Blackjack 

In the 20th century 21 eventually became widely known as Blackjack and it became a staple of land-based casino around the world. It was also possible to play variants of Blackack no matter where you played across the globe. In 1996 the digital revolution gave birth to the marvel that we now call the internet. This made Blackjack even more accessible to the masses and the presence of this game online, also led to other versions of the game being developed. 

Different Blackjack Variants 

You can play traditional versions of Blackjack online like American Blackjack and European Blackjack. Both versions have some subtle differences that make them interesting to try, especially if Blackjack is your go to casino game.  However, some forms of Blackjack are especially suited to online gamblers who still want to preserve the unique atmosphere of being at a live casino Blackjack table. 

Quantum Blackjack 

Quantum Blackjack is a live dealer version of the popular card game that has been tailor made for the online casino audience. The creative force behind this invention is Playtech and they are of course one of the leading lights in the online gambling industry. Not only do they create gambling software and platforms, but they also have a large slot library under their belt as well. 

With Quantum Blackjack, a live dealer deals a hand from a video feed that can be accessed from the casino website. A single player hand is dealt and multiple players can bet live on the outcome of the dealt hand on games like kalphite osrs. Quantum Blackjack does mostly follow the conventional rules of the game so those who regularly play the game can play this version without any problems.

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