Is Blueprint MCAT Worth It Reddit?

If you’re a nervous study-aholic, the Blueprint MCAT can be your savior. The comprehensive study plan will tell you which lessons to complete each day. It also automatically marks each lesson as completed, making it easy to follow your progress. Blueprint’s dashboard is like a virtual home where you can see your progress, upcoming tasks, and the MCAT scores you’ve already obtained. However, there are a few things you should watch out for before you decide to enroll in the Blueprint MCAT course.

Blueprint offers a wide variety of self-study curriculum for the MCAT, including video lessons, quizzes, reasoning skills, and passages. Students will learn to handle MCAT time management, test-taking techniques, and the MCAT question style. This online course also includes a fully customizable study planner, which allows them to tailor their schedule to their lifestyles. With more than 160 learning modules, Blueprint provides enough practice tests for most students.

Blueprint’s video lessons are very engaging and visually appealing. The instructor is in front of a green screen that populates with illustrations and graphics. Text is displayed alongside the videos. Blueprint’s video lessons include various forms of material, from notes to video. However, the material is not entirely free of errors. For this reason, Blueprint offers a money-back guarantee. However, there are other ways to get the course for a discounted price.

The Blueprint MCAT tuition includes a Blueprint Online Course and a live online class with two of the company’s best instructors. The Blueprint Live Online Class costs an average of $2,500, but is often sold for less. The live online class is more comprehensive, with more than 40 hours of classroom time. The Blueprint Live Online Class is available for under $2600. There is a limited number of discounted prices, so make sure to check the pricing before enrolling.

In terms of price, the Blueprint MCAT course is the most affordable of all the MCAT prep courses available. It is available only on the Internet, and the Blueprint offers two different study programs. You can study at your own pace or join a live online classroom training. It is important to note that Blueprint is a relatively small company, so you should compare the price before choosing a program. When you choose a Blueprint course, make sure to check out its reviews first. You’ll be glad you did!

Pricing for the Blueprint course varies depending on how much you’re willing to invest. There are three different plans: the 16-hour “Core” package costs $300. The 24-hour “Comprehensive” package costs $3840, and the 40-hour “Intensive” plan is $6800. Blueprint’s in-person tutoring rates are different than those of traditional online courses, and they include a guarantee of an increase in scores.

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